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Ginger Blacksmith, MA, LPC, Unstuck Neuro-Mindset Coach

Ginger Blacksmith, MA, LPC

Ginger Blacksmith is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and neuro-clinical coach with over a decade of experience in the field. She specializes in trauma recovery and resilience, mindset change, and financial wellness. Ginger has a deep understanding of the complex factors that contribute to mental health challenges, and she uses a variety of evidence-based approaches to help her clients achieve lasting healing and recovery.

As a neuro-clinical coach, Ginger is particularly skilled at helping clients rewire their brains and develop new thought patterns and behaviors that support their mental health and life goals. She is also trained as a master financial coach and understands the important role that financial wellness plays in overall mental health. Ginger helps her clients develop healthy financial habits and manage stress related to money, in addition to providing therapy and coaching services.

Ginger's empathetic and non-judgmental approach creates a safe and supportive space for clients to explore their emotions and work towards achieving their goals. She is committed to helping individuals and families thrive and is dedicated to supporting her clients throughout their journeys to wellness. Whether working with individuals who have experienced trauma, are struggling with addiction, or are looking to improve their financial health, Ginger is passionate about helping her clients build fulfilling, healthy lives and find hope, healing, and transformation.